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The Albia Factbook

During its many centuries of existence The Unified Country of Greater Albia has taken a leading role in Europe, which is to say it has a long history of warfare, slave-trading, conquest and religious repression and racial hatred punctuated by brief moments of relative calm and sanity. During the nineteenth century, Albia became a dominant industrial and maritime power(1). Even today, many Albians are proud that their soldiers and sailors once brought the Pax Albiana to many of the peoples of the globe(2). Its resources dissipated during the twentieth century by two World Wars, assorted minor conflicts, attempts to keep to the gold standard, blowing vast sums on the Millennium Tetrahedron &c &c, Albia spent much of the second half of the 20th Century attempting to rebuild itself as a modern and prosperous European nation. At the current rate of progress, it may achieve its goal shortly before the sun becomes a red giant. Recent constitutional moves to devolve power to the regions have seen the setting-up of the Dipfryde Assembly, the Assembly of the Principality of Taphs and the Trubbld Assembly (which is usually suspended due to the fact that the people of Trubbld can’t stand the sight of each other)

(1) that is, it took a large amount of land and resources from the peoples of Africa and Asia by virtue of (a) the indomitable Albian spirit, (b) the Albians having lots of guns and (c) the peoples with the land and resources not having so many guns.
(2) Not to be confused with the Pox Albiana, which Albian soldiers and sailors also brought to many of the peoples of the globe. Fortunately the effects of this particular “gift” to the world have been greatly improved since the invention of antibiotics.

The edge of Europe

total: 244,820 sq km (3)
land: 241,590 sq km
water: 3,230 sq km

(3)For my American readers, this is equivalent to an area slightly smaller than Oregon. For those of my readers who are not American, all I can say is that I understand Oregon to be an American state slightly larger than Albia.


Temperate – ie it rains much of the time, save for winter when it generally sleets(4)

though, thanks to global warming, it usually rains in winter as well, these days.

Flat in the North and West, where anybody who is anybody lives, rugged hills and mountains elsewhere.

coal, petroleum, natural gas, bears, iron ore, lead, zinc, gold, tin, limestone, salt, clay, chalk, gypsum, potash, silica sand, slate, arable land, potato-based alcohol

Windstorms, flooding, bears, people who have enjoyed too much potato-based alcohol

60,943,912 (July 2008 est.)

Long Form: The Unified Kingdom of Greater Albia
Short Form: Albia

Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State: Queen Dowdi
Heir Apparent: Prince Yusslez
Head of Government: Bragdny Door
Cabinet: Cabinet of ministers appointed by head of government

bicameral Parliament – the “Grevvitren” - comprised of the Nobz (consists of approximately 500 life peerz, 92 hereditary peerz and 26 clergy) and the Zkum (646 seats; members or BGs are elected by popular vote to serve five-year terms unless the House is dissolved earlier) elections: Nobz - no elections. Zkum - last held 5 May 2005

Krep Proti – (literally, “the not very good party”) leader, Bragdny Door
Nyesti Proti – (literally, “the nasty party”) leader, Bambi Nottinill
Drid Proti – (literally “the third party”) leader, Bambilite Hoo

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